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Michael asks…

Is my baby colicky??

My 4 week old has been an amazing baby up until couple days ago, I mean the first week was hell but after that she was good, eating right, gaining weight and sleeping when we sleep around 10-11PM. But the last couple days she suddenly wants cries at night b4 we sleep and at times doesn’t sleep til like 2AM, she’s still eating and gaining weight but just cries and wants to be held and also she likes you to walk around or rock her or else she’ll keep crying. If you put her to sleep and you put her in her bassinet she’ll wake up the moment she realizes she’s not being held and will start of calling out and if she doesn’t get your attention or you don’t pick her up she’ll cry a lot. During the day she’s amazing and half of the time she’s on her play mat, bouncer or swing on her own and she’s totally fine…. The crying at night isn’t something that happens if your holding her, she just doesn’t want to be put down at all, in another word she wants our lives to revolve around her. Me and my husband are getting frustrated, for the first time in 4 weeks my husband has gotten mad at her and it upsets me. We don’t have family here so we’re the only ones taking care of her, specially me since my hubby works, so you can imagine being up half of the night tending to a baby, thank God we don’t have other kids now that need our attention or else I would go mad. ANyway it it possible that she’s colic? The crying stops if she’s being held or being walked around with. She’ll cry if you’re sitting with her.
I forgot to mention, she usually sleeps during the day, yesterday I kept her awake all day and that worked for us because she went to sleep around 11 although she did cry little before that. Also she slept on our bed with us and fell sleep not to long after we put her there, that also worked. So it seems as though if she hates her bassinet.
She’s also fine if you keep her on your lap, she can sleep on my lap for hrs if I let her bt of course the moment she dozes off I put her in her bed and she starts to cry. During the day she’ll sleep for hrs if I let her but I don’t because I don’t want her staying awake at night, maybe this is why I am not sure. Maybe she’s too tired because I keep her awake during the day. That night she didn’t sleep til 2AM was when she slept like 5-6 hrs that day so maybe she wasn’t tired. I am not sure. But last night she went to be early on our bed because I kept her awake pretty much all day.

The Expert answers:

She is 4 weeks! Of course your lives revolve around her FOR NOW because she is still only a newborn. Don’t let her get frustrated, hold her and rock her until she is very tired then put her down in her crib close to your bed. I had all my babies next to me on the bed in a moses basket for the first 8 weeks or so and in their crib next to my bed after that. It is only natural that a newborn baby would want to be close to it’s mother. Your husband shouldn’t get mad at a baby, your lives are going to change with a baby, it should be expected.

Mandy asks…

Does this list look accurate to you? Am I missing anything? List for Baby?

This is the list that I just made (I’m 8 weeks, I know it’s really early, but I love feeling organized and ready) of things that I’m going to need/want for when my baby arrives-6 months or so. I was wondering if you mommies or daddies had anything I should add on there? I was also wondering if my prices look accurate. I do realize that I will get some of these things when I have my baby shower, but I figure with this list, it will also make my registry easier to deal with :).


Change Station$269.99
Angel Care Monitor$149.99
Total (Taxes In)$1683.64

Baby Gear

Stroller + Carseat$399.99
Diaper Bag$30.00
Cloth Diapers$300.00
Total (Taxes In)$1011.32


Play Yard$219.99
Play Mat$59.99
Total (Taxes In)$768.35


Breast Pump$79.99
Nipple Shield$10.00
Total (Taxes In)$109.99

Full Total:

Thank you so much!!!
Happy New Years to everyone as well!

The Expert answers:

Your pricing’s a bit skewed, really, and some things you may not need. But, you’re definitely going to need some other things – burp pads, lap pads, a contoured change pad, wipes, wash cloths, baby shampoo/wash.
Revised list:


Crib $399.99
Mattress $69.99
Change Station $199.99
Change Pad $15
Chair $199.99 <– you can find it for this price without a problem… Buy this sooner, rather than later, as you may enjoy rocking/gliding while pregnant
Angel Care Monitor $149.99
Bedding $100.00
Décor $50 <– don't go hogwild on decor – you're just going to change it several times.

Baby Gear

Receiving Blankets
Tub $14.99 <– you can get tubs really cheap these days
Baby Shampoo
Baby Body Wash
Wash Cloths
Hooded Towels
Stroller + Carseat $179.99 <– you can get a decent set for a really reasonable rate these days
Diaper Bag $30.00 <– get one that comes with its own change pad
Carrier $49.99
Cloth Diapers $300.00 <– does this include liners/diaper pants? You're going to need them! Also, have you considered using a diaper service?
Diaper Pail <– NECESSARY!!!
Clothing $75.00 <– this figure's only good if you know you're going to get a lot as gifts, or you buy from used clothing stores, and get everything on sale. Baby clothes can be expensive – typically $7 – 20/outfit or more.


Play Yard $219.99
Exersaucer $149.99
Swing $149.99
Play Mat $59.99
Toys $100.00
Total (Taxes In) $768.35*** your baby's not due till what? September area? Try to get as many of these items on sale as possible. If you're in the US, get them on black friday. Watch for sales. You won't need the exersaucer until the baby's at least 3 months old, and see if you can borrow a friend's swing (if you have a friend with a baby) and try the baby in it before you buy one. You might also want to look into jolly jumpers, bouncy chairs, boppy, etc. Every baby's different, and you're going to want to get what works for your baby.


Breast Pump $79.99 <– be prepared to spend more. Most electric pumps start at $149.99, and you'll want a good one if you're going to be pumping a lot.
Nipple Shield $10.00 <– don't bother unless you see a lactation consultant and they think you need one. It was a complete waste of money for me.
Bottles $20.00 <– if you're bottle feeding, you'll spend more than that. Don't buy many until after baby is born. Babies can be very fussy about bottle type. My daughter likes the Playtex Drop-Ins.
High Chair
If you're going right up to 6 months, then also sippy cups, baby spoons, bowls, etc.

Sometimes breastfeeding doesn't work out. Go to baby shows and get free samples from as many companies as possible, or sign up on websites to get free samples. That way you can try some formulas before deciding which works best for your baby.

FYI, I got most of my stuff from people in the community, or baby sales, or a consignment shop in the area, so I got my crib, change table, contoured change pad, and most of the bathtime supplies for free.. I only paid $40 for a swing, high chair, rocking/vibrating/activity chair for the baby, only paid $8 for my exersaucer, $70 for a bassinet, and for bottles I think I paid a grand total of $30 (and I have over 20 bottles). I haven't spent much on clothing at all, as I get a lot of handmedowns, or gifts from friends/family… In fact, the most I spend money on is diapers and formula (I use disposable diapers, and couldn't breastfeed afterall because she wouldn't take to the breast after the lactation consultants put a bottle in her mouth).

Good luck! 🙂

William asks…

My cat is peeing and pooping in the house, what is wrong?

So I have a 8 month old baby girl who has her toys and play area in the center of the living room. I also have a 4 year old cat that wanders the house. The baby plays with the cat, tugs at the fur, all the other stuff a baby would do. The cat doesn’t do anything to the baby, but he has been pooping on her play mats. Just today he actually peed on them. I don’t know what to do anymore. We change his litter box on a weekly basis, and he is fed daily as well. The only thing I can think of is either he feels neglected cause all we do is take care of the baby, or he is getting back at the baby for her being a little rough with him at times. Any help? At this point I don’t want to get rid of him since he’s been with me and my wife for a long time, but I can’t have cat piss and poop just randomly around my house.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I will definitely continue to work on it with the cat. I was able to clean the areas pretty good with resolve and pet odor febreeze, hopefully that works, otherwise I have a arm and hammer pet odor spray that will work too. Also, SugarCat, its a 8month old baby girl, and a cat. Not two cats, just the one. 🙂

The Expert answers:

Like everyone else said, your cat is marking its territory out of jealousy. Unfortunately, once a cat starts peeing in the house it is extremely hard to stop them. Your new kitten may also start using the same spots once she smells them.

If you haven’t cleaned the spots yet (and for any new spots) get some OUT pet stain remover. It’s an enzyme cleaner that will breakdown the smells that cause cats to return to the area to urinate again. Unfortunately, it only works if it is the FIRST product used because other products interfere with the breakdown of the enzymes. After you get the area cleaned well, try giving your older cat lots of extra attention and maybe try keeping the kitten in one small room of the house only for a while.

EDIT: This is the stuff you want:
You can get it at Walmart and pet supply stores.

Steven asks…

Babies R Us “MUST HAVES” list?

Babies R Us “MUST HAVES” list?
What will i honest to god actually need that i shouldnt expect to get at the baby shower? below is the list of stuff Babies r us says i need-i posted it just so you can see why i’m questioning how much of it is legit. (as you can tell this is my first, lol)

Infant car seat
Car seat base for 2nd car
Convertible car seat
Booster car seat
Car seat toys
Shopping cart cover
Car seat comfort & accessories
Travel system
Full-size stroller
Lightweight stroller
Mid-size stroller
Jogger stroller
Double & triple stroller
Stroller comfort & accessories
Stroller toys 6 Stroller diaper bag
backpacks & carriers
Front & back soft carriers
Sling & wrap carriers
play yards/travel yards
Play yards/travel yards
Play yards/travel yards sheets (Qty: 2-3)
Stationary entertainers
Gyms & playsets
Door jumpers
Infant positioner
baby gear
feeding & nursing
Warmers & sterilizers
Burping cloths (Qty: 6-12)
Cloth diapers (Qty: 6-12)
Lap pads (Qty: 6)
Bibs (Qty: 8-12)
Breast pads, shields & cream
Breast milk storage
Containers or bags
Nursing pillow & stool
Nursing wrap/cover
Bottles for formula (Qty: 6-8)
Bottle nipples
Bottle drying rack
Bottle brush
Dishwasher caddy
Insulated tote
solid feeding
Feeding sets
Training cups
Infant spoons (for home)
Baby food processors & accessories
high chairs
High chairs
High chair cover
Splat mat
High chair toys
Extra high chair pad
booster seats
Booster seats
Splat mat
feeding accessories
Feeding accessories
infant care
bath & potty
Bathtub & seat
Washcloths (Qty: 8-12)
Hooded bath towels (Qty: 4-6)
Bath robe
Gentle shampoo & body wash
Baby lotion
Bath accessories
Bath toys
Step stool
Travel folding potty set
Stand alone potty seat
Toilet training seat (ring)
baby care & grooming
Nail clippers
Brushes & comb
Digital thermometer
Ear thermometer
Grooming kit
First aid kit
Baby mittens
Baby oil
Cotton swabs
Cotton balls
Petroleum jelly
Gas relief drops
Pain relief products
diapers & formula
Baby wipes
Diaper pail refills
Wipe warmer
Diaper pail
Diaper bags
Baby changing mat
Diaper ointment
Travel wipes
Audio monitor
Video monitor
Cabinet/drawer latches
Safety gates
Outlet covers
Corner guards
Edge guards
Smoke & carbon monoxide alarm
infant care (continued)
Cradle, bassinet or portable crib
Bedding sets
Cradle, bassinet or portable crib sheets (Qty: 2-3)
Cradle, bassinet or portable crib toys
nursery furniture
Crib toys
Changing table
Drawer linens
Glider or upholstered rocker**
Blanket chest
Crib mattress
Crib mattress pads (Qty: 3)
Vinyl mattress cover
Cradle, bassinet or
portable crib mattress
Crib bedding set
Fitted crib sheets (Qty: 4-6)
Blankets (Qty: 4-6)
Receiving blankets (Qty: 4-6)
Waterproof pads (Qty: 4-6)
Sheet savers (Qty: 4-6)
Changing table covers (Qty: 2-4)
Changing table pads 6 Sleep positioner
room décor
Wall hanging
Switchplate cover
Crib mobile
Wall border
Window treatments
Diaper stacker
Waste basket
nursery storage
Storage solutions
Baskets/storage bins (Qty: 2-4)

Bibs (Qty: 8-12)
Burp cloths
Washcloths (Qty: 12)
Towels (Qty: 4)
Bodysuits (Qty: 9-12)
Gowns (Qty: 4-6)
Layette sets
Bedding sets
Blankets (Qty: 4-6)
Sheets (Qty: 4-6)
bath & healthcare
Massage lotion
Diaper cream
Stretch mark fading cream
Just for mom gift sets
Homecoming quilt
Matching sets
Cap & bootie sets (Qty: 2-4)
T-Shirts (Qty: 4-6)
Cotton overalls (Qty: 3-6)
Gowns (Qty: 4-6)
Socks (Qty: 9-12)
Wearable blankets (Qty: 2)
Clothing hangers (Qty: 12-24)
Snow suit or bunting
One-Pc. coveralls (Qty: 4-6)
Outfits (Qty: 4-6)
Bodysuits (Qty: 9-12)
clothing and layette
infant toys
Soft toys
Toys 0-12 months
Toys 12-24 months

The Expert answers:

Yaaaa…you don’t need 95% of that stuff…lol

Okay….so here is what I needed and used in the 1st week

Infant car seat
Stroller (I actually had 2…1 regular and 1 jogger..but the jogger was borrowed…I didn’t need it, but was super glad I had it as it was easier to work with on hills and in the park etc)
Diaper bag
Diapers and wipes
Sleepers/onesies/socks/pants/shirts any other clothing you want/need
Crib and crib sheets
Bassinette or playyard or cradle…whatever you want to use while baby is in your room beside your bed – i still don’t own a playyard, we used a borrowed cradle and that was fine…my son is 16 months…sometimes I wish I had a playyard, but you definitely do not need one
Breast pump and storage bags
Bottles/nipples (if you are breastfeeding, you only need 1 or 2 bottles…I had 3 and never opened the 3rd bottle…I only used 1 and left 1 at my mom’s house so that if she was watching him she could put frozen breastmilk in the bottle…hence the breast pump
They don’t need toys for some time…they don’t play with toys in the first week…but it is nice to have some car seat toys for entertainment
A play mat is very nice to have
Soothers (2 or 3)
Soother clip
Vitamin D drops
Bouncer/swing…I had both, but only needed 1..he would sleep in the swing, it was awesome!
Breast pads and cream (For sore nipples)
Burp cloths…but you can use old towels too
Infant Bathtub (very cheep…just a regular one, you don’t need the ones with hoses/showers etc)
Wash cloths/towels..again you can use regular ones
Mild baby bath soap
Gripe Water (excellent for gas etc) non-alcoholic
Cornstarch (Not peneten etc for diaper rash) this works way better and is much milder on skin!

Hmmmm…that is about it!!

There are things that are nice to have…and you can totally decide and ask for those things too…but the must haves are above!

Hope this helps!

Robert asks…

is everybody experience like this?

my baby is always smiling when he woke up in the morning. This is his lifestyle after feeding he would play and smile for about 1 or 1 and half hours and then he will cry but sometimes he will cry after feeding. Hes already 3 months but hes still crying before or after feeding. Is he spoiled? If hes spoiled why i could left him in play mat and play for awhile. I dont know what other experiences about taking care o f baby.

The Expert answers:

I am not sure what you are asking, but I just wanted to assure you that you CANNOT spoil a baby under 1 year of age (I would go as far as TWO years). A crying baby is trying to tell you something, and some are WAY more fussy than others – but it is all normal.

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