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Lizzie asks…

What are the laws of segregation and independent assortment?

The Expert answers:

Two laws of inheritance attributed to Gregor Mendel in recognition of his experimental investigations with peas. Mendel’s first law, the Law of Segregation, states that while an organism may contain a pair of contrasting alleles, e.g. Tt, these will segregate (separate) during the formation of gametes, so that only one will be present in a single gamete, i.e. Τ or t (but not both or neither).
Mendel’s second law, the Law of Independent Assortment, states that the segregation of alleles for one character is completely random with respect to the segregation of alleles for other characters. Thus a TtGg individual will produce equal numbers of all four possible kinds of gametes: TG, Tg, tG, tg. Mendel’s first law is still applicable for all chromosomal genes. Mendel’s second law is only true if the genes involved are on nonhomologous chromosomes.

Chris asks…

How can Buddhism, the most tolerant and peaceful religion in the world be evil?

The Expert answers:

There is far more to it than what you claim
Everything is impermanent including the Dharma and Lord Buddha was the fourth Buddha to reveal the Dharma more than 2600 years ago
This world goes through cycles In the time of Lord Buddha it was fairly easy to make progress Even achieving Enlightenment in a single life cycle but as time moves on circumstances change until in this age which is termed The Dharma Ending Age when eventually the Dharma dies out Until the Fifth Buddha comes to reveal it for the fifth time in some future time
In these times we have corrupted Teachers to contend with and please believe me when I say The corruption is far more widespread than many would believe I know many Buddhist Monks who are a disgrace to the Robes that they wear
Eating after midday Handling cash Alone with Females there is quite a lengthy list
So what some Christians are saying to You there is some truth in there Although to term it evil may be a little strong but maybe a Christian would view it in this way
Please don’t get me wrong I have been Buddhist for some years and it is my chosen Path which I have no intention of changing
Lord Buddha knowing this time would come left specific Dharma for these different time periods Including this one
Pure Land Buddhism doesn’t need the input of a living Teacher If it did I would have failed quite some time ago
When you mention the word Buddhist to many people a certain mental image often comes to mind which may have been true in some bygone age but it is now a very different world today and that image is no longer correct Sadly
So maybe these Christian people you mention may be more Enlightened than we are giving credit for

Helen asks…

How would the velocity and kinetic energy of these objects compare?

The Expert answers:

Assuming wind resistance = 0, the kinetic energies and velocities at impact will be the same.

Sandra asks…

How do you predict the future of Apple, Android and Microsoft Windows in Operating system business?

The Expert answers:

Apple is the main dominate and innovator at the moment and has the best products. I mean come on the iPad may not have as many features as some android tablets at the moment but its OS is far more advance and they are far more of a pleasure to use and they just work so well.

Microsoft is no longer a threat to apple and to be fair i wouldn’t see why Windows doesn’t end up being replaced with something like Ubuntu in offices or factories for it is free and a far more stable os like Mac OS X.

Google is the biggest threat to apple at the moment but their Android software and app store is not as Good as IOS 5 and apples app store.

To me Apple will continue to grow and create amazing products and open up new markets that google and windows will keep jumping into.

Linda asks…

Can someone be lesbian and asexual or gay and asexual or bisexual and asexual at the same time?

The Expert answers:

Yes, it would be called homoromantic asexuality or biromantic asexuality.

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