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David asks…

Whats a good name for an online baby shop?

Looking to start an online baby products website and in the future adding maternity wear.

What would be a good name?

The Expert answers:

Baby Net piece of advise in naming the business. Use every search engine that you can and run the name you plan on using. As long as it does not show up then it is safe to use.

Michael asks…

anyone know good singapore baby online shopping websites?

The Expert answers:

Check my profile if you want to shop for baby stuff up to 90% off. But unfortunately it is not a singaporean store but i think they could ship to you.

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know any good online resale baby shops?

Does anyone know any good online resale baby shops? Or cheap baby stores? Or can tell me how kik to kid works? I need some money and need some long sleeved onsies. Anyone willing to trade or know any places?

The Expert answers:

You can post to in your area and see what you get.
Also try the mom sites like
finally, there is always eBay

Laura asks…

Which popular site do you turn to for advice or suggestions to help you with your baby shopping decisions?

Parents nowadays turn to the web more frequently for advice, especially when it comes to baby shopping. Whether it’s searching on Google, asking your friends on Facebook or posting the question to a bigger community like Yahoo! Answers, there are a lot of places to go online to get advice and suggestions. Where do you usually go online for baby shopping advice? Share your experience to the community now.

The Expert answers:
Products are too good for babies

Maria asks…

anyone can give me website add for shopping online baby clothes in singapore (tommy, levis, ralph lauren.. etc

The Expert answers:

You can purchase Ralph Lauren clothing by going to

They are located in the United States but offer USPS International shipping to most countries.

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