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Sandra asks…

What is the best way to clean soft baby toys?

Just wondering, what do you find is the best way to clean those soft cloth baby toys that have crinkles or noise makers inside, so you can’t put them in the washing machine?

The Expert answers:

I used to work in an infant room in a daycare center and DHS regulations had us spray the toys with diluted bleach…take a clean spray bottle and fill it full of water then add one table spoon of bleach to it. Spray the toys over the sink and let air dry. If there are stains on them you are trying to remove, you can simply take a little bit of laundry detergent and rub it on the stain and then rinse it.

Lisa asks…

What are the toxic-free brands of baby toys? Are brands such as Safety First and The First Years safe?

Are these brands free of pthalates? My baby is 7 months old and she needs some toys to stimulate her. Any suggestions. Safe toys, of course.

The Expert answers:

No, most of the toys you will find at regular commercial toy stores do contain pthalates. The FDA and other regulatory agencies do now acknowledge any dangers in pthalates, parabens, dioxins, SLS, sodium polyacrylate, etc., so the manufacturers don’t see a need to change to more expensive materials. If you want non-toxic toys, shop at natural baby stores. Some good online stores are:

Chris asks…

What is the best way to sanitize baby toys?

my baby has a lot of toys that he keeps chewing on, throwing on the floor,etc so I want to clean them as often as I can. His plastic toys are easy to clean. I just wash with soap and warm water but don’t know how to clean his soft toys that come with a label of surface cleaning only. What is the best way to clean such toys?

The Expert answers:

You may be surprised how many of those toys can actually survive the washer and some even the dryer. I’ve washed many stuffed toys and they come out of the washer clean and in good shape. Use the gentle cycle and air dry them if you’re concerned about the heat of dryer. You might try it first with something you’re not really attached to and see how it works for you.

John asks…

Is lysol disinfectant spray enough to clean baby toys out of the box?

can i just use lysol on toys when i open them before giving to baby?

also can stuffed animals be washed in the washer?
no i am not planning to spray them and hand them right to the baby!

thanks for all the answers!!

The Expert answers:

I love disinfectant spray! I think it is awesome. Obviously you don’t want to give it to your child while it is wet and you just freshly sprayed it, but I use it on my sons toys while he is napping or after he goes to bed and put then run them under hot water and let them dry. It just makes me feel better. But also hot, soapy water works great too.

Susan asks…

What would be the safest way to clean your baby toys?

I have 5 and half month old baby girl. She just now started to get over her bronchiolitis. She still coughing and runny nose. But youngest son had pink eye and it almost over. But my question is want would the the safest way to clean my baby toys, They are easy to clean. But i need to know want would be the safest way.

The Expert answers:

I agree with hot soapy water but you could also use a 50/50 solution of water and peroxide. If you are looking for a non toxic/healthy way to clean.

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