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David asks…

Whats the difference between indie kids and hipster kids?

The Expert answers:

Not much of a difference except for genre of music. I am actually a indie kid with short hair amd i listen to few bands

Steven asks…

What movie did you see recently that was a waste of time and sucked?

The Expert answers:

Apollo 18 a few months ago. I was very disappointed. I’m very selective in the movies I see in the theater and felt I wasted my money and time.

Lizzie asks…

Is it ilegal to use another persons drawing as a reference and make it my own?

The Expert answers:

If it’s a copyrighted work, you could…unless you change it up enough for it to be considered a derivative.

Jenny asks…

What does it mean pinhole glasses exercise and strengthen your eyes?

The Expert answers:

You have a pretty sad example of authors to be your favorite.

His writings make no real sense most of the time , they are contradictory and plain wrong a lot of the time.

His tests and findings were all flawed and could never be duplicated by other Dr’s or even by himself when there were expert witnesses to it.

His simplistic views on how vision is achieved was based on poor understanding of the science of vision in the early 1920’s.

It is really a waste of time to try understanding all his ramblings, he contradicts himself so often and makes so many outrageous claims .

His book and other copycat programs have only stayed around because of the power of the internet and the willingness of people to shell out money for a dream of better vision. It is an excellent example of a well crafted scam.

Btw , pinhole glasses do not exercise or strengthen the eyes….that is another false myth and scam.

John asks…

What does it feel like to be truly loved and liked and popular?

The Expert answers:

I can’t answer from experience, as I was the quiet type with very few friends, but my boyfriend is all-around popular and everyone loves him.

On one side, it’s nice to know that there are always so many people there for you. On the other side, what do they really want? He’s confided in me that a lot of people would just ask for money from him. Also, it’s a bit stressful because there’s a lot of pressure — there’s always someone wanting to hang out, and if you’re too busy with something else too often, they accuse you of being stuck up or too caught up in your significant other (which one of his friends has complained of him spending too much time with me, but we’ve been together for four years, so I’m automatically more important anyway). It has its pros and cons, just like being the quiet lonely type does.

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