Your Questions About Baby Care

John asks…

Survey for Parents-Baby Care?

Please can you do my survey for parents about baby equipment & care

1.out of the list below, which did you find most useful?
b:Bouncing Cradle
d:Baby Carrier
e:Travel Cot
f:Moses Basket
g:Baby Bath
h:Stair Gate
i:Car Seat
j:Play Pen
k:Changing Mat

2.Which did you find least useful?

3.Which was best value for money?

4.Which shop did you buy most of these items?

5.Did you get anything second hand or handed down?

6.Did you breast feed or bottle feed?

7.What kind of nappies did you use? (Terry Nappies, Disposable or Reusable)

Thanks a lot.

The Expert answers:

1. Pram/stroller. Allot of these are necessities. But I used this the most.

2. Play pen. I didn’t get it soon enough or really need to use it. But it had its purpose

3. Cot

4. Sears, walmart

5. Yes tons of things. Baby’s outgrow things so fast. I loved my local consignment store. Nothing wrong with that. And he was better dressed than I was.

6. Bottle feed

7. Disposable.

Steven asks…

What are essential/best baby items to have as a new parent? What’s junk? What’s invaluable? Hints? Tips?

(Sorry this is so long! Many thanks in advance to those who reply!)

We are at week 34 awaiting the arrival of our Babygirl. Gifts and hand-me-downs are starting to come in that we’re marking off the “need to get” list (per Babies R Us).

We still have lots we need to get, so I wanted to ask for your opinions. For all those moms and dads out there, I have attached, below, the Babies R Us “Parents Checklist.” What is necessary? What is not? What is invaluable? What did you get on a whim and are eternally grateful for having? What turned out to be nothing but junk? What brands are the best (i.e., I hear that Boudreaux’s “Butt Paste” is the best there is)?

I’m starting to scout out Craigslist and eBay for deals (who the heck knew breast pumps were unbelievably expensive??? At least I can get new, in box items from eBay and save a few if I watch like a hawk!). If any of you have insights that you would share, we would be very grateful. Thanks!


Infant Care

The Expert answers:

Wow that is one long list lol.

Ok well for safety all you need to beginning with is baby monitors the rest are for when they start crawling wwhich wont be until they are 6-8 months so you don’t need to purchase them just now unless you want to be super prepared.


Breastpump – not essential unless you want to exprees easier just to put baby on the boob though. If you are going to get one I would recommend an electric one so much quicker and easier to use.

Breast Pads – Stock up on these

Breast Cream – Definitely need this

Breastmilk Storage – again on essential if you are going to express.

Containers or Bags – I got a bag that holds two bottles but my changing bag alreayd had one integrated into it so check to make sure yours doesn’t before you waste any money.

Breastfeeding Shawl – Upto you really if you want something to sort of cover yourself when feeding get one.

Nursing Pillow – I can’t stand mine it is so awkward and makes it hard to hold the baby I wanted recommend these unless you are formula feeding.

Burping Cloths – get plenty of these are muslin squeares at least 10

6-12 Cloth Diapers – not necessary if you are using disposable

6 Lap Pads – not essential

6-8 Bottles for Formula – I would recommend 2x 125ml and 6x 260ml

Juice and Water:

Bottle Warmer – I never use mine I just stick it hot water to warm it up less hassle.

Bottle Sterilizer definite essential

Bottle Drying Rack – can just stick them on the draining board this isn’t essential.

Bottle Brush – this will probably just come with your sterliser

Dishwasher Caddy – don’t need this when you still sterlising your bottles.

Insulated Tote – either this or a bottle bag you don’t need both.

Feeder for Strained Foods – you wont need this until 4-6 months

8-12 Bibs: Can never have too many

Pacifiers: Thats personal prefernce whether you want to give your baby one.

Baby Mittens: At least 4 pairs

Rattles: Optional could get one or two normally don’t bother with these until they are about 3 months anyway.

Teethers: Don’t need this right away again at a couple of months

Books for Parents-To-Be: Don’t need these at all you can learn from other people amd familyor YA! Lol

Baby Care

Nail Clippers – essential or some people bite them off

Brush and Comb – I ve not used mine yet my daughter hardly has any hair

Digital Thermometer – Always handy to have when you have a young child

Ear Thermometer – Only need one Thermometer.

First Aid Kit – Not essential you’ll probably have stuff ike this already anyway

Humidifier/Vaporizer – Not necessary or essential

Diaper Pail good to have to stor your diapers in for the day before you trhow them in the trash so you don’t have to be in and out the house all day.

Diaper Pail Refills – These are diaper sacks


Baby Bathtub – not essential can use sink or bath support or take baby in the bath but I find mine useful for when she is really tiny

Baby Bath Sponge – Essential

4 Hooded Bath Towels – Not essential could use a normal towel and swaddle her in it

12 Washcloths – don’t need that many

Bath Toys – don’t need these to start with and or optional not essential


All toiletries are essential except alcohol swab some people don’t use shampoo to start with either as it can cause cradle cap. I just used water to start with for the first few weeks


Need all this stuff apart from a wipe warmer not necessary.

Baby Gear:

Carseat and base if it is ISOFIX. Head support but most car seats come with this and carseat toy keeps them entertained on longer journeys and shaded to keep them protected from the sun on warmer days.


You can get 3 in 1 travel systems that have a carrycot, fit a carseat and seat unit for when they are older. Most will come with all the essentail like rain cover etc and you can get a toy if you want.

Entertainments/ swings:

I would recommend the fisher price cradle swing my daughter loves hers. A bouncer and play mat or gym is all you need for the first few months they sleep the majority of the time
High Chairs:

You will need a high chair when she is 6mnths +


Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib

Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib Bedding Set

2-3 Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib Sheets

Bassinet Netting – you will only need this if you have it outside

Nursery Furniture

Changing Table – I never used mine but handy to have to store things on really
Dresser/Chest – optional
Glider or Upholstered Rocker – handy to have for night feeds

Crib Mattress
Cradle/Bassinet Mattress
3 Crib Mattress Pads
Vinyl Mattress Cover – Need all this


Décor (separates)

Out of this the essentials you’ll need are:

Crib Bedding Set (including bumper)
4-6 Fitted Crib Sheets
4-6 Blankets
4-6 Receiving Blankets
4-6 Waterproof Pads

Joseph asks…

What is the best way to take care of my new baby’s coat?

9 wk old Golden. His coat is pretty thick for a puppy. We brush his coat everyday and we gave him a bath 3 days ago. I dont want it to get matted, but my hubby takes him out to play every day and his fur is just all over the place. anyone have any advice? a shampoo they recommend?

The Expert answers:

Get a Slicker brush and brush him through with this (get the softest one you can though as he’s so young – don’t want to hurt his skin). If you comb and brush him every day then you can easily get the dirt out and keep him looking lovely.

Our dog goes out to play every day and gets in a mess too however brushing and combing removes the dirt and debris from his coat and we bath him every week-week and a half. Despite popular belief this is fine for the dogs coat, it does not harm them or their coat.

I would suggest either Bob Martins Puppy Shampoo or Johnsons Baby Shampoo – both are great for the dogs coat. Also try getting a doggy conditioner – they improve the dogs coat so much its unbelievable!

Carol asks…

anyone else feel guilty about not playing enough with baby?

Im always on the go. Im a single mother of two. My son is almost 8 years old and in cubs and my baby is almost 3 months. I take good care of both my children and have a stable and professional job. However, i feel bad that sometimes i dont always get to play enough with the baby. I mean, she is quite content wiht her play mat and swing and bouncy chair. She only cries to eat, and get changed. SHe does cry from boredom too but as soon as i put her somewhere else or put on a video or mobile or something, she is quite content for another 30 minutes or so. I still feel guilty b/c i read about how these moms read to their baby all the time or play all the time. I really dont have time between the two kids with making meals, doing errands, etc…Plus i go back to work next week (midnight shift).

Does anyone else feel guilty about not spending enough quality time with their kids? I do but they seem quite happy. My sister states,”if they are happy, let them be….they are content” I was also told if you play with them too much or give too much attention they will always want it.

Anyhow, i just want to know if there are other people out there with kids who feel the same way i do.

The Expert answers:

I used to feel that way when my daughter was little. I learned a couple of esteem builders from a video that I watched as the time. When you go to bed at night, don’t sleep until you can think of five positive things you did with your baby or son. Maybe start out with three and then think of more in a few days… It will get easier.

I found that it didn’t matter how much I did for her, I was always waking up thinking about what I hadn’t done the day before. This helped me in two ways. 1.I woke up feeling refreshed and happy that I was a good mom. They don’t have to be the big things. It can be that you made her giggle or smile. (takes 15 seconds maybe) It can be that you gave her a kiss or hug and got a reaction from her! 2.I realized how simple it was to make a difference in her life, and it helped me remember how simple, easy and quick my interactions with her could be.

I started tuning in to her better and doing the simple quick things while on the way to the kitchen, or while watching T.V. Whereas before, I did so much less because perfectionism made me think I had to read a whole book to her, take her for a 20 minute walk, or sing to her face to face! One page made a difference, and the music was on while I sang – and she could hear my voice from the laundry room.

Good luck, and welcome to the guilt that marks motherhood. I hope this helps!

Donald asks…

Is there anything else needed for a nursery?

This is for my novel. I did a little research and this is what I got.

Sleep Time: 4 Receiving Blankets, 2 Double Receiving Blankets, 2 Lightweight Cotton Blankets, 2 Swaddling Blankets, 2 Sleeping Bags, 4 Pacifiers, The Arm’s Reach Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon, Soothing Music, Block Out Blind

Bath Time: Baby Bathtub (Non-Slip), Bath Mat, Bath Thermometer, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo,
Baby Body Wash, 2 Wash Cloths, 6 Hooded Towels, 2 Large Towels, Cotton Wool, Rubbing Alcohol,
1 Box Q-Tips, Sterilized Water In Container, Brush And Comb, Nasal Aspirator, Blunt Nail Scissors,
Baby Massage Oil

Changing Time: Waterproof Changing Pad And Cover, Waste Bin, 3 Packs Newborn Disposable, Diapers. 3 Packs Disposable Baby Wipes, 1 Tube Diaper Rash Ointment, Disinfecting Hand Soap, Wipes Warmer, Diaper Disposal System

Feeding Time: Lamp, Nightlight, Nursing Pillow, 1 Box Tissues, 6 4oz Bottles, 6 8oz Bottles, 6 Slow Flow Nipples, 6 Fast Flow Nipples1 Bottlebrush, 1 Tin Formula Milk, 2 Formula Containers, Sterilizing Kit, 6 Bibs, 6 Burp Cloths, Bottle Warmer, 3 Disposable Bottle Kits

Getting Dressed: 6 Prs Socks, 2 Prs Booties, 6 Vests, 6 Bodysuits, 6 Baby Sleepers, 3 Side-Snap-Tees, 3 Rompers, 2 Sweaters, 2 Cotton Hats, 2 Woolen Hats, 2 Prs Scratch Mittens,
Snowsuit For Winter, Hooded Jacket For Summer, Scented Drawer Liners, Baby Washing Powder
Baby Fabric Softener, 8 Hangers

Baby‘s Health: Digital Thermometer, Medicine Dropper, Infant Nose Drops, Infant Cold Drops,
Infant Gas Drops, Infant Pain Relief Drops, Teething Gel, 2 Baby Care Books, Humidifier, Air Purifier,

Play Time: Baby Gym, Activity Mat, Crib Mobile, Stuffed Animals, Rattles And Teethers, Board Books, Soft Material Books, Play Yard, Baby Swing, Bouncy Chair/ Bumbo Seat, Activity Center, Changing Table Mobile, Light Show, Music

Out and About: Car Seat (Rear-Facing For Newborn), Car Seat Strap Covers, Head Support, Car Sun Shades, Child View Mirror, Baby On Board Sign, Stroller (With Rain Cover), Front/Back Carrier/Sling, Diaper Bag, 2 Warm Blankets (For Winter), Portable Travel Crib, Car/Travel Toys,
Travel Toy Organizer

Other: Rocking Chair, Changing Table, Baby Armoire, Closet, Nightstand, Hamper, Bookcase, Toy Box

The Expert answers:

How many tiems are you going to ask this?

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