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Mandy asks…

Are there any online clothes shops that ship to Ireland?

I already know about Littlewoods and Hairy Baby.

The Expert answers:

Most of the high street stores like Dorothy Perkins, Next, M&S and Topshop have online stores that ship to Ireland – the P&P isn’t too bad from the UK. The Next catalogue is pretty good too.

Betty asks…

Baby Girl Dress?


I’m from Italy and i’m looking for a very beautiful “pink princess” style dress to give as a gift to my little newborn nephew.

Here in Italy we have just 4-5 big chains of baby clothes, and so everybody always buy the same things, but i’m the aunt and want a special present.

A few years ago i went to London and bought a very pretty pink dress at Monsoon Baby shop for my previous nephew.
It was adorable, but now can’t buy on the Monsoon online shop because i’m from outside england/ireland.

So what can you suggest me?? To buy online and shipped to Italy, of course.

I’ve already seen the Anne Geddes online shop, but i don’t like it.


Silvia from Italy
Yes, Niece, sorry.
In Italian, “nipote” is the same for boy and girl, and so…… ^__^’

The Expert answers:

I’m from Italy and i’m looking for a very beautiful “pink princess” style dress to give as a gift to my little newborn nephew.

Nephew? I hope you mean NEICE.

Richard asks…

I need help? Anyone know any baby clothes shops on 5th avenue.. please?

Im from ireland and going to new york sept, im expecting a baby and would love to know is there any good baby cloths shop i can look online at??
thank you

The Expert answers:

What are you only going to walk up and down 5 th avenue?

Try bloomingales, gap, macy’s. TBH stuff’s nicer here than there.

Sharon asks…

where can i buy a baby capuchin Monkey online and get it delivered to my location pet shop?

my child wants a Capuchin Monkey for its birthday and i live in Ireland Dublin Blanchardstown and you cant get Capuchin Monkeys there. and i asked her does you something else and she no she only wants a Capuchin Monkey and i want her to be happy so i promised her to get a Capuchin Monkey. her friend has on e and she asked her where did she get it and she said her mam got it online and i dont now where to get it online and get it delivered to my location pet shop. please help

The Expert answers:

Monkey don’t make good pets especially not for a child. They are wild animals not pets.

Jenny asks…

Gift Advice for my Wife , Please help Im desperate.?

My wife (and best friend) is in hospital at the moment in very slow labour.
I just found out she’d been collecting small gifts for me throughout the ENTIRE YEAR, and I assumed I’d just get her one gift…but I am at complete loss as for what to get.

Please help me out with any links for the UK and Ireland online

She loves anything Pink, Gothic, Quirky..

I just wish I’d thought to do the same as her, I want to shower her with lots of little gifts so she has loads up unwrap, she adores christmas, but im a bit BAH HUMBUG.
money is extremely tight what with me spending far too much on the baby, I need to get something soon.


I’ll be eternally greatful if some of you nice people can help me out with a website or link, ive not the time to really search – im off to make a trip to see her soon – so I’ve little time to online shop!

The Expert answers:


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