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Sandra asks…

Online Baby Stores?

Does anyone out there know of some great baby boutiques where I can shop online IN CANADA and pay by money order because I do not have a credit card or paypal.

Input very much appreciated 🙂

The Expert answers:

I found this site for Canada.


Daniel asks…

What is a good place to shop for baby clothes online?

I am in Canada so it would be helpful if they ship here. I like the Small Paul line by Paul Frank and am wondering if you have any other cool recommendations. Doesn’t have to be very cheap but not too pricey either!

The Expert answers:

I love love love baby’s own brand clothing, and I think it is actually made in Canada. I’m not sure, but it seems somebody told me that. They are so cute and soft and they last forever.

Robert asks…

Online Shopping (That ship to Canada)?

Mainly I’m looking for baby items.
Other than Babies R Us, there’s really nothing that I can find.

I have a Wal-Mart, Babies R Us, Motherhood Maternity, and The Natural Baby Store in my town.
Other than that..there’s really nothing.

I really want to order from sites like Target or Old Navy..but they only ship in the states.

Any helpful links would be GREAT. Clothes, blankets, toys, nursing pillows..anything baby.
I’ve gotten a couple things at flee markets, garage sales and what not, but I obviously want some NEW stuff =)


The Expert answers:

It doesn’t look like much, but sent me a lovely stroller quickly and at an _excellent_ price. No duty, but that might’ve been luck…

Http:// does some decent baby items and has been running a lot of free shipping deals lately (try for coupon codes)

FWIW, Giant Tiger will ship baby stuff to their stores for you: is not the cheapest (again, look for coupon codes) but it has great stuff and great service

James asks…

Where Do You Shop Online For Natural/Organic Baby Products!?

that is 100% Natural and also ships to Canada? I’m Looking for All Natural Products for baby and me wether its laundry detergents or body products down to anything as long as it is Organic and 100% Natural Thanks in Advance! 🙂

The Expert answers:

Babies R Us has a whole section….


If you scroll down its in the second to bottom row.

Bathing & Skincare



Gear & Furniture

Natural & Organic Gift Sets

Slings, Mattresses & More


Mandy asks…

Online Shopping??

I’m leaving to go to Miami, Florida soon then I will go to Canada…I only have five weeks left to shop and I HAVE BOUGHT NOTHING!! I have to stay home because I have to watch my sister’s new born baby while she’s on her honeymoon which isn’t a problem for me so I can’t leave the house to go to the stores because the baby is very sensitive….so can anyone give me any websites where I can shop online (Price doesn’t matter to me) I have a cute/preppy style as in I love dresses (casul and dressy),heels,mini skirts, halters, tube tops ect I think you get the picture…I am 17 years old so I would choose a store that suits my age..

The Expert answers:

Hope this helps
-Sarah mwah

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