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Mary asks…

How to baby shower games and prizes?

My mom is throwing my baby shower and she plans on having some games (word scramble, name that baby song, pick the baby from baby pictures) that she’s handing out at the beginning of the shower, and then will go over the answers at a later time. We may wind up with a lot of winners this way. What do you think is the best way to conduct the games so we don’t wind up with so many winners for each game?

The Expert answers:

Here are some ideas to mix this up a bit.

1. Ask your Mom to hand out 1 game at a time and set a time limit for each.
So the Word Scramble is given out and they have 3 minutes to unscramble as many words as possible. At the end go over the answers – if there is a tie – Have a tie breaker question ready like – How many days until the due date? Or Have another word they need to unscramble first one to get it wins.

Then later on in the shower she hands out the next game and so on.

2. Guests pick which game they want to compete in. So you hand out the games and everyone gets to play but guests are only allowed to compete for prizes in one. As a result, guests are asked whether they want to go for the Word game, song game or baby picture game. It’s kind of like lets make a deal.

This way they could choose their favorite and it could turn out they are playing against 3, 5, or 10 other people. Again have tie breakers just in case.

Tie breakers take care of the to many winners issue very quickly.

If you Mom needs any more game ideas or game variations – here is a big list of baby shower games. Http://


Michael asks…

Good prizes for baby shower games for men and women?

I am trying to think of some good, low priced baby shower game prizes for a baby shower that will have both men and women. I plan on fitting these prizes into baby bottles. I will already have lotto tickets ($5 worth) in one, but what about the other three? We will be playing a total of 4 games, all either guys vs girls or couples. Any ideas? Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Gift cards, key chains, candies

Susan asks…

Fun and exciting baby shower games?

My sister is having her FIRST baby and I’m in charge of every detail for the baby shower. I’ve been searching the web for different baby shower games but all the web sites have the same boring, traditional games like baby bingo, baby word scrambble, and pin the tail (diaper) on the baby! Are there any new, exciting and innovative baby shower games out there? Please help I want my sister to have an unforgetable time.

The Expert answers:

I’m doing a mixed male and female baby shower, and really am hoping for more sophisticated games. I’m 32 years old, and everyone of my guests will be older than me.

I think you really need to think about who is coming to party and what your sister is like when choosing games.

Robert asks…

I am looking for soem different baby shower games?

Not the same old baby shower games like tasting the baby food, how big is mommy’s tummy. I am looking for some different games my sisters are throwing me a baby shower but can’t find any different games so I thought I help I am having twins. Any ideas will be helpful please explain the game ok thanks

The Expert answers:

My friends did the best game ever… It was a memory game. I will try to remember all the phrases. It was based around candy… It was 2 word phrases. The first word was in blue nd the second was in ink, this way you couldn’t confuse the phrase. They taped all the words on the wall and numbered the back. They went around they room and the guest would call out 2 #s and if they matched they got the candy. The word sleep and deprived were on the wall, if the 2 were matched up the person who guessed correct got a milky way dark chocolate. Another example, breast and feeding; milk duds were the candy. If you are interested in this game I will try to think of the words and candy and email it to you. It was a lot of fun for all ages

James asks…

Im making my daughter a baby shower. What gifts do you give out for the ladies who win my games?

This is my first grandchild being born and Im making the baby shower for my daughter. What are some gifts to give out to the winners of my baby shower games? Any other suggestions to help me along with this shower would be great.The colors are Pink and purple and there is no theme so far..The shower is the first week in December.

The Expert answers:

Maybe some giftcards, soap, slippers, lotions and potions, plants. Thats what i would do

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