Your Questions About Baby Care

Sandy asks…

what was your baby up to at almost 12 months?

my son still has no teeth
he can “cruise” around holding furniture
can bend down and pick up dropped toys with one hand on furniture
waves goodbye, hello and goodnight and anytime i ask him to “Wave Ta-Ta”
still commando crawls
says mum-mum and dad-dad
and sleeps from 8-8 with 2 naps during the day!!
none of they boys in my family had teeth till they were 1 or over and my MCH nurse gave me the “all kids grow differently” speil. not that i really want him to have a whole mouthful of teeth as he is still breastfed 🙂

The Expert answers:

*My daughter is 13 months now.
*She had 8 teeth at 12 months and is now working on molars (almost cut 2 of them)
*Walked at 11 months and by her first birthday was walking well
*Could do sign language for about 6 different words and is now up to about 12.
*Could say 5 recognizable words
*Slept through the night with only 1 nap during the day.

Sounds like your little guy is doing FANTASTIC!!! This next year is a busy one! Once he’s up and running so are you.

Paul asks…

Our 12 month baby bits thumb/fingers, HELP?

Amber will clench her body and arms tight with both hands over her mouth. She is sticking her left hands thumb as far back as she can and bitting. It is so bad that she had discoloration on her thumb. What can we do to stop her? When I move her hand away from her mouth, she crays and screams at us. But it cant be good for her to do this every day and all day? She has every chew toy you can think of. My wife evin had me order her a Giraffe that was made of real rubber from some tree. it was like $20 and she wont touch it.

Im not saying she wont chew on her toys, But her favorite, when it gets bad is her fingers? Is there something I can put on her hands to make her stop?

I know that she is in real pain, we switch from Tylinol and advil, then at night we give her orajel. 3 months ago we used them all day, but now it is just when she is really hurting. But her finger/thumb is my real concern

The Expert answers:

Its prob because she is still teething. However, if it really severe and you are using the tylinol everyday then take her to the doctor. You can try giving her a damp washcloth or putting a damp washcloth in the freezer. Some children have more teething pain then others. You can give her orajel during the day also, just dont go over the recommendations for the dosing.

I would just move her hand and put a teething ring or toy in it and then start playing. I wouldnt say anything and if she throws a fit, just try to play to redirect her attention. When my son does something I like, I always say yah and start clapping my hands and then he does the same. Hope this helps you out.

Mandy asks…

What is the best store to buy a 12 month old presents?

My son’s birthday is coming up, and I am not sure where to go to get him his birthday presents.

Does anyone know if Wal*Mart, Target, Toys R Us, or any other store has a good selection for 12+ month babies?

(PS. No rude and/or sarcastic comments please)

The Expert answers:

I like toys r us best. I could go in there and spend like $50 and get a bunch of neat toys that will entertain longer than just one big toy. You dont even have to get ones that are labelled 12 m+, you can get some simple fun toys intended for older kids. One of her faves was a 18 inch baton that made noise when you turned it upside down for 1.50. And the sippy with the names on it are the b-e-s-t. Plus they have almost every name. Next in line I would say Target.

Ruth asks…

Good toys for baby’s first Christmas?

My MIL asked us about what we wanted for our son for Christmas. It’s a hard question right now because he’s only 3 months old and not quite ready to play with toys yet. His wants and needs are still pretty simple right now, although he is enjoying his time in the swing more and spending more time looking at his mobile. He already has some rattles, teething rings, a few bath toys, and stuffed animals but not much else. Any parents have suggestions for good toys for a 3-12 month old? I figure we might as well ask for some slightly older toys as well, we can always store them in the closet until he’s old enough to play with them.

The Expert answers:

Push toy
Soft blocks
Stacking rings
Bath toys
Anything labeled 0 – 12 months!

Most toys are labelled what age they are appropriate for. Many of the 18+ month toys are also great for kids 12 months old, since they advance at different levels.

By 12 months your baby will almost certainly be crawling, but may be walking and speaking their first word and signing perhaps another 5 (if you start teaching baby sign language at 7 months). So that covers a very wide toy range, from infant to toddler.

Perhaps a good way to go is to focus on crawler toys. Things used before the toddler stage, but that may encourage walking.

Maria asks…

Looking for a place for moms to just connect, get info on pregnancy, the first 48 hours with baby?

Looking for a place for moms to just connect, get info on pregnancy, the first 48 hours with baby, everything after baby, great toys (for 0 – 12 months, 12 – 48 months), books to read to your children and an awesome Forum for new moms and mommy’s-to-be.

I am a stay at home mom of a beautiful 12 month old princess and I started this site as a useful and fun tool for parents to use as well as a way for mommies to connect. I hope that you will give it a try and pass the word along. Thanks and I can’t wait to see you there.

The Expert answers:

So what is the site?

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