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George asks…

Any good ds games for my 10 year old daughter she likes role-playing game and she doesn’t like baby games.

She likes role-playing games and simulation games and please dont give me any baby games.

The Expert answers:

The Sims 2 is very fun. They are making the Sims 3 soon for PC. Or maybe you can buy your daughter a Wii or a Nintendo DS. In September their is a game for the DS and Wii that is coming out called My Sims. They already have alot of Sims games for DS and only 1 called The Sims 2 Pets for Wii. Hope I helped!

Ken asks…

Where can I play fre online virtual baby games?

Where can I play fre online virtual baby games whitout to download it?
Please tel me a site or somthing else!
Thank you

The Expert answers:

Hi there, there are many virtual games’ reviews and information on the below website. This site reviewed almost all of the popular virtual games that are available on the Internet. I am sure you can find one that suits you there. Happy surfing. =)

Oh yes, please do not be mislead by the web address name because you can definitely find much more than just for kids!

Betty asks…

How many baby shower games should you play at a baby shower?

I plan on having a baby shower for about 2 or 3 hours and i want to know how many baby shower games should i have prepared to play.

The Expert answers:

One would be fine

Laura asks…

What do u think about a baby shower with no baby shower games?

We are planning my baby shower and are thinking of not doing any baby shower games. Were going to have a big dinner with drinks instead. I know a lot of people HATE doing those stupid games (myself included). What are your thoughts?

The Expert answers:

This is a party in honor of YOU and the baby you are bringing into this world. If it makes you happy, then that should be all that matters. I hope you have a great time!

Maria asks…

What are some games that i can play at a Hawaiian baby shower?

My mom is having her fourth child and im planning the baby shower.The theme is going to be Hawaiian, but i dont know any cute baby shower games.Please help!![[Soon]]

The Expert answers:

My favourite baby shower game was the dirty diaper guessing game. You melt different types of chocolate in new born diapers and the guests have to determine what kind of chocolate bar it was

good luck

do a search online for different baby shower games

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