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Sharon asks…

Frontier Airlines?

I am looking to fly from Denver to Minneapolis in about a month. I see Frontier advertising really cheap rates all the time, but of course, now that I am looking I can’t find any! So does anybody know if Frontier will be having a sale anytime soon? Are there any patterns to when they have sales, or is it random?

I just don’t want to pay full price today and then next week the fare goes down.

Thanks for your help!

The Expert answers:

Check out

it can help predict (usually 70% accurate) as to when is the best time to buy your tickets.

Also, if you do not mind flying a different airline, i’d check out
it will list many different airlines and their prices.

Best of luck to you.

Chris asks…

Is Frontier Airlines a safe and a good company to fly?

I’m planning to fly in the states, and I want to to if anyone knows if Frontier Airlines is a good company, is the cheaper one flight ticket I found but I want to know if its worth it to buy it or if you can recommend one good company just do it please!

The Expert answers:

Frontier is a good airline. Though they filed bankruptcy, it has nothing to do with them being financially distressed. It was because they wanted to freeze the assets so this credit card company they partnered up with could not access the airline’s money. The credit card company was charging Frontier a lot of money for fees so the airline declared bankruptcy.

I hear that people like to fly Frontier. They have a pretty young fleet of Airbus aircraft and have a good safety record.

Carol asks…

The noise under the Plane frontier airlines?

Yesturday we went from Denver to Chicago on Frontier Airlines and we heard on the ground these noises that sounded like a saw going back and forth only when we were on the ground or Taxiing.
What is that?
Please give a Detailed Explanation.
It was in the middle of the plane.

The Expert answers:

Here is another supplment to Sul’s info

skimming through the posts i copy&pasted three important ones

this one is from Michael

It is the HYD PTU (Hydraulic Power Transfer Unit). It comes on automatically when the differential pressure between the green and the yellow system is greater than 500 PSI (normal system pressure is 3000 PSI). This normally happens, when you start or shut down an engine. The PTU is working only for a few seconds or even less than that, because it stops when the pressure in the associated system is at 3000PSI again (that’s the “barking” sound). And there are not to many hydraulic functions needed while shutting down an engine. So the pressure is maintained easily.

There are a few more parameters that affect PTU automatic operation. But that would lead us to far off topic.

The PTU is indeed the correct answer.

I will shed a bit more light on why the pitch changes as the engine spools down.

As Michi stated above, the PTU comes on when the pressure in the other system drops. The PTU runs just long enough to repressurize the system … A second or two, then stops. During the next few seconds, the system depressurizes slowly due to “internal leakage” in the hydraulic system. When the difference in pressure agan reaches 500 psi, the PTU cycles.

And another by Pete

As the engine spools down, the flow from the engine driven pump available to drive the PTU is reduced, therefore the PTU speed and power transfer to the second system is also reduced. Thus, it runs slower, and takes a bit longer to repressurize the second system – this explains the lower pitch. When the engine stops, the PTU no longer receives flow from the engine pump, so it, too, “dies”.

I would be glad to answer any questions on the PTU or other hydraulic components. I worked on the Vickers PTU which is used on some of the A320 series.

Another signed tom

quite common. Our A319/320’s usually taxi-out on engine 2. During taxi-out, they start, turn & ignite the engine 1. Here @ AWA, our pilots
usually turn engine 2, during pushback & engine 1 during taxi-out.

As posted above, the PTU is hydraulically controlled & required to enable engine starts. Next time you are boarding any A319/320, you will also hear the outward-opening, hydraulically controlled cargo doors closing or opening after arrival @ the gate.

The A319/A320 with the IAE V2500 series engines have a very dramatic & distinct sound when starting! Once the engine igniters have been turned off, the engines have a very high-pitched whine, but yet quiet. The idle also audibly increases.

In the US: AWA, jetBlue & United use the IAE V2500 series engines. All the other carriers use the CFM-56-5 series engines.

However, the composite airframe produces that unique high to low pitched “Dolby” effect, during approach. I figured that out here in PHX, by observing all the various A318/319/320 & 321’s for carriers on ILS Arrival for Runway 8. My apartment is 5 miles north of PHX & 2 miles south of the final approach pattern. So, the planes are usually @ 6000ft.

Same thing in PIT, my folk’s house is on ILS Arrival for Runway 32. They are about 10 miles out. All the US A319/320/321’s & UA 319/320’s have the same high to low pitch as they pass overhead. I like to show off for my parents! When we are sitting on the deck outside & I announce “airbus”, without even looking up.

Click link at start of answer for the original source site , where all the info, plus some speculation and witness accounts as well as a little humor about Dash-8s farting and speculation that 32x series are possessed

Donna asks…

What songs is featured in the Frontier Airlines DirecTV animation?

A week ago, I had a connecting flight with Frontier Airlines. On the back of each seat was a little TV with DirecTV programming available for purchase. It would play a little how-to-order animation featuring several forest animals, including a little duck that would show you how to swipe your credit card. In the background it played a nice smooth-jazz arrangement. What was the name of the song that was playing? Can anyone help me find a link for the commercial on youtube?

The Expert answers:

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Daniel asks…

Does it cost money to purchase snacks on American Airlines or Frontier Airlines?

I know on most airlines you get a drink/snack mid flight. I usually fly with Delta and this will be my first time flying with American and Frontier. I was wondering if they serve drinks/snacks, one or the other, or none for free. Thanks! 10 points for the best answer.

The Expert answers:

Soft drinks, water, coffee, juice are usually free. Sometimes you get a tiny (tiny!) bag of pretzels.

Bring your own snacks. I have never purchased food from an airline. You can bring almost any food you want from your home: Sandwiches, fruit (apples, bananas, grapes, etc), nuts, chips, pretzels, granola bars and anything else as long as it is not liquid like (avoid pudding, yogurt etc.).

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