Your Questions About Baby Care

Donna asks…

What’s the advantage & disadvantage of putting a baby in the day care center vs. caring the baby at home?

The Expert answers:

Advantages of home care
You’re raising you child
You can control their environment and the people in it
You know what your child is doing

Advantages of day care
You get a break
Daycare teachers are trined to teach young children
It will help with separation anxiety
I beleive it can build confidence by being in social settings from a young age

Disadvantages of home care
No breaks
Separation anxiety
Child may be timid with children their age
You may not know what activities are age appropriate

Disadvantages of daycare
Kids in day care are always sick
You don’t get to spend as much time with your child
Their teachers may become primary influences in their lives

Lisa asks…

what kind of interview question would they ask? (baby day care center)?

I am just curious before I start applying.. Also what position is that>? nanny? baby sitter?

The Expert answers:

I just got a job at a daycare. You should be working at a daycare with babies, not children, maybe toddlers and infants. They asked me for criminal history, my education (I’m still in highschool), a certain vaccine I need to have. It’s pretty basic. They also gave me a simple test on reading, spelling, and math. I’m sure it also depends on different states, but the laws can’t be sooo different.

Lizzie asks…

I want to know were i can find a baby daycare center to take care my baby in the daytime in Alameda,California

my baby only 8 mouths and i want to find in Alameda, California

The Expert answers:

Childrens world learning centers are open 6am to 6pm. I work in one. But not in CA i live in WI but there centers are all over!!!

Susan asks…

What needs to be done for starting one’s own day care center for babies and children?

I have been working exceptionally successfully in children’s sector for nearly 10 years and now I am considering opening my own day care center in Pune or Bangalore,India. I want to know what I need to do in order to be able to start it.
Has anyone over here done something of this sort and knows at least some of the details?

The Expert answers:

1. Contact state/province for regulations – ratios, qualifications, etc.
2. Be sure you have enough of a target market to make it worthwhile
3. Hire qualified staff
4. Build or otherwise acquire an appropriate building
5. Research health and safety regulations
6. Develop policy manual
7. Hire board of directors
8. Develop fee structure
9. Develop budget

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Carol asks…

have a 4 month old how can i open a day care center or ways to take care of my baby but make a living?

The Expert answers:

Call the local health dept and they should be able to tell you what u need to do and something they offer the class you need. Thats wht i did!

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