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Steven asks…

What are good free coupon sites for groceries in Canada?

I am looking for grocery coupons of any sort. Baby food, landury soap, pet stuff, anything really. Hope you can help me

The Expert answers:

I know of a site i use all the time..i know im not from canada but i’ve seen people from there on this site..they might help you out..:)
good luck!

Nancy asks…

Babies/Kids free/cheap events in Toronto or Ontario, Canada?

give me all the listings

it’s spring time and summer coming soon!
i am new in Ontario, Canada, so i need to know all the available cool stuff/things to do for babies/kids!!!

The Expert answers:

Try these sites:

You can also take them to the various “little countries” there are i.e. Little Italy, India, China, Greece etc.
And also Riverdale farm in downtown Toronto and free and open most of the year.
Take them to Harbourfront perhaps or take the ferry across to Centre Island.
There are also museums that appeal to children (depending on the age)…they arent free and sometimes it can be expensive but they usually have like one day a week where its half price. For example the Royal Ontario Museum has half price fridays after 5pm and that makes it more affordable.
There are also movie theatres that hold special screenings where its a family environment so you can feel free to bring babies etc and not worry about them crying.

I posted all of the links above so feel free to check them out and if you any more question, you can message me.

Have fun.

Laura asks…

Looking for Canadian grocery coupons you can print?

I live in Ontario, Canada. I am looking for printable or mail order (FREE) grocery coupons. Must be valid in Canada!! Stuff like food, pet food, baby stuff, etc.
If you know of any links that might help me out, please let me know!

Thank you!!

The Expert answers:

Have you tried, you select the coupons you need and they mail them to you. To print coupons in canada, your best bet is to go to products web site, sometimes they offer coupons. You can also email them and request coupons. Try this coupons community :, look in the forum. They have all of the coupon info you need.

Charles asks…

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The Expert answers:

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Betty asks…

Valid Canadian PR Holder returning back to Toronto after 2 years with a new baby?


I got my Canadian Immigration in August 2008. However, due to certain job related issues coupled with global financial crunch having affected Canada as well, we had to come back (with the intent to return in 2 years to settle down permanently, as is allowed). However, my wife is expecting now and due to non-eligibility for OHIP, we have to have the delivery outside Canada. However, may i please have some information about how to bring our new born baby with us, if possible at all, when we relocate back to Canada to settle down permanently towards the end of 2010 as was the original planning.

Moreover, if ‘Permanent Resident Permit + Sponsorship Application for the kid’ is the solution (as seems to be most likely from my research on the topic till date), what would happen if the kid is brought to Canada, but TRP expires before his / her sponsored PR application gets processed back home.

Besides, from the responses to one of my previous questions, i have felt that certain respondents feel very strongly about the misuse of the system (very rightly though) and are quite worried about their tax money being wasted due to certain system based loop holes. I would like to clarify to these fellow ‘Canadians’ that i am a law abiding person who likes to go by the book / system. Therefore, it is being humbly requested to please keep the reply free of any kind of ‘critical’ stuff of any nature.

Thanking you in advance for your valueable responses and time


The Expert answers:

This is a tricky one and your best bet is to deal directly with the Visa office in your area. From what it sounds, you don’t have a PR card, so will need to apply for a travel document to return to Canada. I agree it seems the correct course of action is to sponsor the newborn.

Assuming you obtain a TRP for the newborn, there is no impact if it were to expire before the PR is approved. Under the sponsorship rules, the fact a person is in Canada illegally does not get into the way of the sponsorship application.

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