Changing Diapers

Diapering a baby is a necessity but to look at it as a daily chore would probably rob one of the magic between guardian and child at changing time. It is indeed a special time for parent and child. The parent feels the intimate act of diapering is an exhibition of love and affection. To a child, diaper changing time brings love, reassurance and security.

With the right sequence of diapering, the baby enjoys and experiences the basics of health and safety. The parents also get in the right rhythm with the baby. Generally, it helps in the child’s growth, as slowly and steadily a child learns to be independent.

Diapering should be a teaching tool which can be used successfully to help children learn to be hygienic. It can also be the first step to toilet training. Moreover, with the passing of time, children often learn to be more responsible doing the diaper-changing themselves without the intervention of their parents.

In a word, diaper changing helps children be conscious about their bodies. Parents should encourage their children to actively take part in diaper changing making it a fun-time to enjoy.

One should be cautious about diapers as they need to be spotlessly clean and dry. The diapering surface may be a little elevated, but you need to be careful not to leave the child alone on it. Talcum powders, as a rule, should be avoided. Unknown ingredients in them may cause undesirable irritation on the tender skin of a baby. Always wash hands and make sure you clean the baby’s genital areas well when changing diapers.